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Custom Knitted Name or Word
Custom Knitted Name or Word
Custom Knitted Name or Word

Custom Knitted Name or Word

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**Current turnaround 3 weeks** 

Excited to share we are now offering custom knitted names, words, phrases and shapes.  Each piece is patiently and lovingly handcrafted just for you. 

How to order:
In the "custom design box":

Enter your word(s) up to 3 for phrase (i.e. girl power, be kind, etc.) 
Enter your Name or desired word

***Enter the word exactly as you would like it made, including lower/upper case

Next, select the total number of  combined letters and select your yarn color.


Dimensions: Capital letters are approximately 3'-5" Lowercase 2.5"-3"  


How to hang/display: Each piece is extremely lightweight making displaying it a breeze. You can use small nails, command hooks or simple prop it on a shelf.  You can select to have a matching hanging string attached or included in your order as well. 


Please note:   When ordering individual names or words, you must submit each as a separate order. If you are ordering a phrase like "girl power" or "be kind" please submit these as one order.


This is not a toy. Keep away from Children.  Design is fragile, contains wire and meant to be displayed as art only.