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How to Embroider a Flower Tutorial
How to Embroider a Flower Tutorial

How to Embroider a Flower Tutorial

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In this 14-minute tutorial, I guide you through hand embroidering a flower. Learn two techniques for stitching petals and my top tip for nailing the tricky flower centers.

I demonstrate with embroidery floss, but these techniques work just as well with yarn.

 🌸 Printable flower template, sized to match the spice sifter. Print, cut, and utilize the top of the petals for dotting, mimicking the technique shown in the video. I recommend printing on card stock but printer paper will work as well  

 Don’t have a printer? You can trace it, by placing paper over your screen. Please note this may change the size. 

Alternatively purchase some of my wash away sticky paper and print/trace the template to make your own sticker pattern  

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