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The Spooky Mama Sweatshirt
The Spooky Mama Sweatshirt

The Spooky Mama Sweatshirt

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Our glow-in-the-dark Spooky Mama Sweatshirt is embroidered on our incredibly soft Perfect Sweatshirt 2.0. I then hand embroidered small details along the neckline and wrist with hand dyed orange and pink ombre thread. Don't miss out on this, spooky, one-of-a-kind piece. 

🧵Our glow in the dark thread is activated by natural or artificial light. This thread glows for
approx. 5 hours and requires 2 hours to charge in natural or artificial light. We highly recommend black lights(UV bulbs), which are a great way to recharge this thread.

👻 I personally recommend recharging your Spooky Mama sweatshirt in artificial light (lamp) before wearing at night.  The sunlight is great but once the sun sets the thread will only glow for about 5 hours after. 

Unisex Slim Fit | 48% Polyester, 52% Cotton

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