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DIY Hand Embroidery Kit : Bespoke Sweater *digital Name PDF*
DIY Hand Embroidery Kit : Bespoke Sweater *digital Name PDF*

DIY Hand Embroidery Kit : Bespoke Sweater *digital Name PDF*

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Stitch Your Dream Sweater!

This listing is for a PDF custom sticker pattern only. **Excludes physical supplies and instructional videos**.

Please note: The length of the name will impact the size of the letters. Longer names may result in shorter letters to ensure they fit perfectly

HOW TO USE: Custom embroidery patterns are provided in digital PDF format. To utilize these patterns effectively, you need the ability to open and view PDF files on your device.

Once downloaded, the pattern can be printed or traced onto the desired garment for embroidery. I recommend using a fabric pen for tracing, as it allows for easy removal of marks. Additionally, for added convenience, the pattern can also be printed on water-soluble stabilizer for easy transfer onto fabric.

Best part? You have the flexibility to print the pattern unlimited times for personal use.

Shipping: Your custom PDF Digital Download will be sent via email within 5-7 business days from the date of purchase.

REMOVAL is a breeze, after stitching trim excess stabilizer carefully. DO NOT SOAK. Wash away stabilizer using very lukewarm RUNNING water. Thoroughly rinse and air dry. If stiffness persists after drying, repeat the process as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: This kit is non-refundable and includes enough materials to create one item. The buyer is not authorized to replicate, copy, or distribute any content, including videos, stitch patterns, or guidebooks, provided in this kit for business or monetary hobby purposes. Unauthorized duplication or distribution of any kit content is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. By continuing with this purchase, you agree to these terms and conditions.