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Embroidery Water Soluble Fabric Marker

Embroidery Water Soluble Fabric Marker

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This air and water-soluble marker lets you effortlessly write, trace, or draw directly onto your garment or sticky stabilizer. Unlike traditional blue fabric markers, this marker naturally fades within about 24 hours, making it a low-maintenance choice.  Simply retrace design if you need more time.

After you've finished stitching, a simple spray of cool water does the trick. Let the fabric air dry, and if any residue remains, a quick spray will handle it. No fuss, no stress – just a practical tool for a smooth embroidery process. 

This water soluble marker works well on light- and medium-colored fabrics.

Make sure to follow the directions and test your fabric first. Sometimes red and pink dyes can effect the water soluble nature of the marker.